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At Purple Leaf Publishing we offer two types of publishing, traditional publishing and self publishing.


Traditional Publishing

Each year Purple Leaf Publishing publishes a small number of books. The books we consider have to impress  and  need to stand out to be able to get a good chance of commercial success in a crowded market. If we are convinced your book has a good chance for commercial success then we will take it on and publish it.

The non-fiction books that we publish can include subjects as diverse as self-help, mind-body-spirit, academic,  cookery specialist  and many others. If you’re working in a specialist field, and can bring that knowledge along with your manuscript, all the better.

In some cases we will assign an editor to the author to work together to get the manuscript into the best possible shape for publication. In other cases the author will find their own editor. However this is subject to negotiations between the author and the publisher.  The layout and design will be done by the publisher.  We aim to work with our authors in bringing their manuscripts to publication so every effort will be made to ensure both parties are happy.

we may pay an author royalties on copies sold of up to 15%, as in conventional publishing, or we may ask for a subvention towards the costs of printing  involved, and then split profits from sales. Each project is different, and we are open to negotiation with authors on the ins and outs of how publication is carried out.


This option requires the author is to pay to have a manuscript turned into a book and for copies to be printed through the traditional printing process. This option does require a reasonable investment from the author.

Because this route does not offer the author any distribution network, it is primarily suited to authors that are confident that they can find distribution channels and make sales of several hundred units through their own contacts.

Author's Services

At purple leaf publishing we offer you the opportunity to publish your book and make it available through our global distribution network. The initial financial outlay is small and there is no risk of being left with unsold stock because book are printed on demand. There is also no requirement to commit to buying large quantities of the title.

Books can be produced professionally in both hardback and paperback formats and royalties are paid on all sales.  The Internet book sites now account for a very significant proportion of worldwide sales and this area  continues to grow. All titles published through Purple Leaf Publishing are placed on online bookshop, as well as outlets.


We also offer the following self-publishing services:

  •             Copy editing
  •             Proofreading
  •             Full book design service
  •             Book Printing and binding
  •             Promotion and marketing
  •             Book distribution
  •             Printing
  •             ISBN assignment


Complete Distribution Network

An efficient distribution service is vital for a book to be successful in this competitive market.  Book distribution is extremely complex and its success is crucial to the profitability of any book. At Purple Leaf Publishing we provide an efficient distribution network. With an established book distribution network we will make your book available through our channels.


An efficient marketing service is vital to a book's success in competitive markets. With an efficient marketing campaign you will be able to make people aware of your book. At Purple Leaf Publishing we will create a marketing campaign tailored to your needs.


In the initial instance, we accept sample manuscript submissions via email, or through our submission form online.  Another alternative would be for the authors to submit a sample of their book to us in hard copy, along with a full synopsis. This should include a self Address envelop if you wish this to be returned. Should we wish to see the complete manuscript we shall ask you to send it. We usually try to assess a manuscript’s suitability for publication within one month.

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We will ensure that all our products and services are outstanding and of high quality by implementing total quality management process.